Mrs. Cook's Corner

4. Professional Development and Program Evaluation

Technology coaches conduct needs assessments, develop technology-related professional learning programs, and evaluate the impact on instructional practice and student learning.

ISTE Coaching Standard (2014)

This year I was tasked to work with my district’s Teams Pilot. My job was to meet with the participating teachers and their students in order to observe how the Teams implementation was going.

As I begun working with the classes, I noticed that there was a disparity between classes who were using the chat feature and those who were not. It was through my observations and interviews that I decided to to focus my program evaluation on the needs assessment for Digital Citizenship professional development.

The books above were instrumental to building my capacity in this standard.

  • The Small-Scale Evaluation Principles and Practice by Colin Robson walked me through the process of doing a needs assessment and aided me when I was writing my final evaluation.
  • Sally Zepeda’s Professional Development: What Works gave me the tools and resources I needed to be able to create professional development for adult learners.
  • Improving Achievement With Digital Age Best Practices by Christopher M. Moersch is probably hands-down the most helpful resource that I have read to help me understand how best practices are essential to building effective and successful professional development.