Mrs. Cook's Corner

Indicator 3d

Select, evaluate, and facilitate the use of adaptive and assistive technologies to support student learning

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)
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This indicator has become near and dear to my heart. It is surprising to me how many educators are not aware of accessibility features within the Microsoft Suite of products. Our Accessibility Tools class is very popular with our district’s educators. They are amazed by the features we highlight- such as immersive reader, speech to text, live-captioning, inking, math assistant, PowerPoint Presenter, and read aloud in the Edge Browser to name a few. It is an exciting time for accessibility tools!

As I plan for classes that I teach, I always highlight the technologies that support student learning. For example, in my Flipgrid class, I talk about the immersive reader, closed captions, and all the different video features and how they could be used to amplify student voice. In my role as a Digital Coach, I have shared these accessibility features with both teachers and students.

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Did you know that Minecraft is autism-friendly? You can change font size, background colors, and it has immersive reader installed. Last winter, our district contracted with i2e to bring Minecraft for Education trainings to our teachers. One of the instructors was looking for feedback on a lesson plan that was created for SEL. I had several teachers pilot the Mindful Knight which walks students through mindfulness and self regulation to create a more inclusive classroom. If you want to know more about other SEL lessons created for Minecraft click here.