Mrs. Cook’s Corner

Indicator 3c

Coach teachers in and model use of online and blended learning, digital content, and collaborative learning networks to support and extend student learning as well as expand opportunities and choices for online professional development for teachers and administrators

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)

I have had a lot of experience working with classrooms in an on-line and blended learning setting. In particular, I have worked closely with a 3rd grade class on Novel Engineering. This class has given me an opportunity to pilot Novel Engineering so that I can gather data for a future PD. In the Fall, our department is changing the Battle of the Books from a Quiz contest to a hybrid model of part quiz and mostly engineering challenges. In my blog, Novel Engineering, I highlight how students develop a solution to a problem while empathizing with a “client/Characters” needs, purpose, and constraints.

It is my goal to develop a months long PD seminar to support our librarians in using this program in their space. Below is a link to a video montage that I have curated from the class I have been working with. At this point in the process, students have read chapters 1-3 in Amina’s Voice and are selecting a character and telling us about a problem they are having. Novel Engineering Link. This is the beginning process that students will go through in order to select a character and design a solution for their problem.

My district is very excited about this new learning that I shared and is signing our department up for Novel Engineering classes through Tufts this fall. The hopes are that we will develop a robust Novel Engineering Program for our Librarians.