Mrs. Cook’s Corner

Indicator 2h

Coach teachers in and model effective use of technology tools and resources to systematically collect and analyze student achievement data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning

ISTE Coaching Standard (2014)

When I look at this indicator, I think, “WOW, this is overwhelming!” We are surrounded by data! We have IRLA (reading levels), I-ready (Literacy and Math data), Running Records, informal observations, exit tickets, projects, grades, interviews, student reflections, Microsoft Forms (excel data), ELL data, IEP data, behavioral data, and then there’s the big one- SBA!

We are inundated as educators with data! The question is- how do we gather it all up in one place for each student and make sure it is not gathering dust in a corner? Translation: After we get the data, how do we analyze, interpret, and communicate findings in order to maximize student learning? Do we do it all by ourselves?

The answer to those questions is Digital Learning Portfolios and NO, we enlist the help of students and their parents.

I look back on my learning throughout this program and love that I have created a digital portfolio using a blog. What a wonderful opportunity for students. One tool that I would like to use with students is called Kidblog.

Kidblog is an extremely versatile blogging platform. It provides students with so much more than a platform to develop writing skills and communicate their ideas. Through blogging, students begin creating their online presence (digital portfolios), become responsible digital citizens, and interact in a safe space where they can share ideas and are empowered in their learning – all in support of the ISTE Student Standards. “App Smashing” gives teachers the opportunity to continuously help students build vital technology skills while promoting creativity. 

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I think this would be a powerful way to capture student learning over time. One of the reasons that I really like this app is that it supports other apps such as Flipgrid, Buncee, Google Classrooms, Youtube, Microsoft Office 365, which means that you can access the accessibility features like immersive reader. Teachers, students, and parents have access to the blog and can leave digital feedback.