Mrs. Cook's Corner

Indicator 2e

Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences using differentiation, including adjusting content, process, product, and learning environment based upon student readiness levels, learning styles, interests, and personal goals

ISTE Coaching Standards (2104)
Photo taken from Engage, Enhance, Extend pamphlet, ISTE

When I think of this indicator, I am drawn to the image above. Liz Kolb’s Triple E Framework represents the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Standard perfectly. The ideal lesson looks at differentiation, adjusting content, process, student readiness, learning styles, interests, and personal goals.

The Triple E Framework Components are focused on student learning goals. In my continued research of the Triple E, I have found two new documents that will benefit both teachers and coaches. The first document is for teachers to use when they are creating their lessons. The second document is for coaches to use as an observational and conversational tool that guides their work with the teacher. (Triple E Lesson Planning Tool and Coaches Tool).

The forms focus on the following:

  • Learning Goals
  • Active engagement (time on task)
  • Human to human interaction (social learners)
  • Scaffolding
  • Authentic context/real world
  • Student reflection
  • Instructional Strategies geared for the learner
  • Demonstration of learning

I think using these forms in coaching meetings would definitely elevate the level of authentic use of tech tools in order to meet the learning goals of students.

In my blog, Smart Goals, I examine the way students set goals and reflect on the learning process in order to improve their learning outcomes. I was struggling with the way we were reflecting on our goals after the summative evaluations, so I came up with a plan to have students create a goal in our geometry unit prior to teaching and learning.

I left the blog unfinished with the hopes that I would return and reflect on the process and results of my geometry unit. I will add my reflection here. The students were kind of taken aback that I shared the learning standards with them prior to the unit. It was almost as if I was letting them open their presents before their birthday (my description, not theirs). After we talked about them, I asked them to take one standard each, that they felt they knew a little about and could create a plan for mastery. The students got into like-wise pairs and talked about a plan to learn the standard. We checked in throughout the unit, they made posters, they became the expert- so if students were struggling they had a peer to go to. All in all, the students felt really good about their standard. They especially loved that they didn’t have to do the big summative reflection that we had done in past units. I think that they loved entering the geometry unit with their eyes open. It wasn’t a surprise each day what they were going to learn. They were partners in the process which added to their confidence.

Upon reflection of everything I now know, I would use the Triple E Framework to help myself and the students grow further in the process. Going forward as a coach, I am going to share it with the teachers that I am working with so that they are aware of the benefits of this framework.