Mrs. Cook's Corner

2. Teaching, Learning, and Assessments

Technology Coaches assist teachers in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students.

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)

Throughout this program we have had the mantra, “learning first, tech second!” It has formed our work with teachers. As a coach, it is our priority to find out what is the purpose of the lesson, what do students need to learn, what are the standards addressed? From there, we assist teachers in discovering which tool will be the best fit for student achievement as well as student engagement. Putting the content into context (real-world) is a way for students to make connections with the material which leads to deeper learning.

There are two books that I would like to highlight in my work with this standard. They helped me understand the importance of the art of planning to teach.

  • Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe explained the stages of Backward Design which reminds me a lot of the coaching relationship.
    • Identify desired results.
    • Determine acceptable evidence.
    • Plan learning experiences and instruction.
  • Learning First, Technology Second by Liz Kolb is hands down my favorite book that I read during my program. Liz Kolb’s Triple E Framework (Engage, Enhance, and Extend) is the framework that you need when creating authentic lessons that work with technology.