Mrs. Cook's Corner

Indicator 1c

Advocate for policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)

For this indicator, I am choosing to speak about my work with Novel Engineering. Last year I had the opportunity to take a Novel Engineering Class through Tufts. It was an incredible opportunity to look at literacy as it can be shared with Engineering and Design as well as Social-Emotional Learning. My Blog, Novel Engineering walks you through my process as a student, engaging with this new learning.

This year, I had the opportunity to pilot this program with a class of 3rd graders. They each got a copy of the book, Amina’s Voice and read it as as a read along in their class. They kept a journal of problems that the characters encountered. After they had 3 chapters completed the students got in their pairs and talked about the problems and agreed on a problem that they might like to solve. The students created a Flipgrid response detailing the problem (especially the why it’s a problem) which students could comment on. Here is a link to a selection of student Flipgrid responses. The school closures kind of got in the way of us completing the pilot, but it was enough to share with my department.

My supervisor loved the idea of Novel Engineering and we are working together to rework the district’s Battle of the Books program to incorporate a Novel Engineering Strand. Prior to adding this strand, the competition was based solely on comprehension quizzes over 12 books. The competition is pretty big and generates excitement from quite a few students, however we think that adding the element of Novel Engineering will generate even more interest and get different types of students involved in the program. This summer I will be developing PD for teachers and librarians to guide them in Novel Engineering. I’m so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait for the new year!