Mrs. Cook's Corner

Indicator 1a

Contribute to the development, communication, and implementation of s shared vision for the comprehensive use of technology to support a digital-age education for all students

ISTE Coaching Standards (2014)

I think that we need to start at the beginning, with my very first blog, Why Digital Education Leadership? In this blog, I explain the reasons that brought me to this program and helped me to develop my Digital Learning Mission Statement that still rings true as I complete my program:

My mission as a digital education leader is to make sure that my students have access to digital tools in order to provide opportunities for students that inspire creativity, problem solving, authentic learning experiences, and promote collaboration with others in a safe environment.

In my blog, Tales from a Digital Learning Coach 1 month in…, I describe what it was like to begin my new career as a Digital Learning Coach by highlighting 5 lessons that I learned. I would like to respond to them now as I reflect on completing my first year as a DLC.

  1. Building Relationships: This is extremely helpful! I can say that I ended my first year with 15 librarians with our relationships intact. That was due to a lot of listening and understanding on all our parts. As the year went on I asked to help coach teachers directly and took some pressure off the librarian’s plate.
  2. You Can’t be the Expert: Boy is that the truth! I began to partner up librarians to help each other with issues. That was great, because most of the librarians don’t really know each other because they are in separate buildings across town. I did work really hard at becoming the expert of a couple of things. Which is much more manageable for a person. It also gave me status as the guru of Flipgrid and Novel Engineering, (which feels really good!)
  3. What did you say? (No, you can’t say it like that!): I learned quite a lot about Actively Listening and Paraphrasing this year as a coach and I got a lot of practice with Probing Questions! Coaching in a Distance Learning situation brought with it new challenges, but I found that screen sharing and making short instructional videos were super helpful.
  4. Putting it into Action: Over the year, I worked with a teacher that really became dependent on me to deliver the tech lessons to their students. I had to really work with this person to build their confidence and capacity so that they felt comfortable delivering the lessons on their own. In the end, this teacher became very comfortable and began trying new things on their own with their students.
  5. Breathe.: This was probably my most important lesson this year! I learned to say, “You know, I’m not sure- let me get back to you on that.” That works- as long as you follow through with the goods, which I did! When I’m working with teachers, and my tech is not working- I don’t get frazzled, I just ask for patience and thank them for their grace. Just as simple as that!